Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences




The DBSV research is focused on the well-being of man, animals and the environment. We promote innovative strategies in the most advanced sectors of biology and biotechnologies, as well as clinical and research activities for the improvement of patients.

Latest achievements

Professor Gianluca Molla and researchers Ilaria Armenia and Gianluca Tomasello, members of the research group Protein Factory 2.0 led by professor Loredano Pollegioni, developed “The Protein Imager“, a free access (, professional and easy to use tool. The Protein Imager has been introduced to the scientific community in a paper published by Bioinformatics. 


We run four degree courses in biological and biotechnological areas, and participate in the medical degree course. We manage also the first-level degrees in healthcare professions, the PhD course in Life sciences, seven medical residency scholarships and two post graduated medical courses.


The DBSV is committed to the communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge in order to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of society, with particular attention to our territory.