Education and Teaching

Degree programs

Bachelor degree

  1. Biotechnology

  2. Biology

Master of science degree

  1. Biomedical Sciences

  2. Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology

PhD programs

  1. Life Science and Biotechnology (previously known as: Biotechnology, Bioscience and Surgical Technology, XXIX-XXXII cycle) (Manager: Prof. Silvia Sacchi).

  2. Clinical and Experimental Medicine, and Medical Humanities (Manager: Prof. Mario Picozzi)

Official Repository of PhD Thesis


Post graduated programs

  1. HNS & FDRc:  Head and Neck Surgery and Forensic Dissection Research Center. Link to the postgraduate courses: A.Y. 2019/2020

  2. Osteo-Archaelology Insubria summer school 2019 (OISS 2019)

Scientific degree program (PLS)

Educational program intended to high school students

PhD programs archive

The following list links obsolete websites of deactivated PhD Courses, previously coordinated by DBSV members.

  1. Analysis, Protection, and Management of the Biodiversity ended at the XXVIII cycle (Manager: Prof. Flavia Marinelli).

  2. Molecular and Celular Biology ended at the XXVIII cycle (Manager: Prof. Magda de Eguileor). It belonged to the Ph.D. School in Biological and Medical Science.

  3. Biotechnology ended at the XXVIII cycle (Manager: Prof. Loredano Pollegioni).

  4. Medicine and Human Science ended at the XXVIII cycle (Manager: Prof. Giuseppe Armocida).